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by Bob Drumm on September 30, 2011

AC Lens coupon affiliates will be pleased to here we’ve added a coupon code box! In one of the biggest changes to the affiliate program in a while, the coupon code box should help affiliates who are concerned with the old setup where shoppers had to enter the code in our “Special Instructions” section.

The coupon code box is set with a cookie so PPC and other affiliates need not worry about losing orders to those searching for a coupon code. Here’s how to set a coupon code box on AC Lens.

Let’s break down the link:

go.asp – The URL must pass through the go.asp parameter to set the cookie correctly.

MID – This should be one of our affiliate network ID’s which is 138 for Commission Junction and 147 for ShareASale.

KW/CB – Both of these parameters must be set to 1.

GO= – This directs the link anywhere on our site. In the example above, it’s going to default.asp which is the home page. If you want it to go to an internal page, say this one,, you would take everything after the slash (displaylens.asp?LensID=282) and change any question marks to & so that it would look like this: There should only be one question mark in the URL at any time.

This is a big change for the affiliate program and we think coupon affiliates will notice an increased conversion rate. All of the standard links in ShareASale and Commission Junction have been changed so if you use those, you don’t need to do anything. If you created your own custom links, and use coupons, you can follow the instructions above to take advantage of this new feature.

Good luck selling.

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Pete October 1, 2011 at 4:29 am

Excellent news – and thanks for the transparency, it’s always appreciated.

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