Halloween Contact Lenses Now Here

by Bob Drumm on September 8, 2011

AC Lens has made the biggest change to our product selection in nearly a decade with the addition of halloween contacts. Affiliates can now earn big money selling these highly desirable items to their visitors. A few things to know about these products:

  • Prescription is required. Do not promote these contacts as non-prescription as it is illegal to sell contact lenses without an RX. It is also illegal to advertise contact lenses as non-prescription.
  • Expect a higher reversal rate than normal. Our initial estimates could be as high as 60% reversal rates for those ordering without a prescription.
  • Expect a lower conversion rate and EPC in this department. Special Effects contact lenses are a high browse, no buy item so you will see a much higher visit total with lower total orders.
  • Commission rate and cookie duration is the same on these products.
Now that we have business out of the way. We now carry Halloween Contact Lenses and these lenses are sure to be a hit this season and throughout the year as we also carry several cosmetic and novelty contact lenses for year round use.
Be sure to feature the department on your halloween websites, promote them in your forums and blogs for the holiday season, and definitely email your lists telling everyone how to get a prescription whether they need vision correction or not.
EvenĀ if someone has perfect vision, all they need to do is see their eye doctor to get fitted for contacts and they’ll be prescribed “plano” or “0.00″ correction contact lenses. Once they have their RX, they can order all the halloween lenses they desire.
Banners and products feeds are already uploaded in CJ and ShareASale. Expect a big push as we get closer to the holiday season. Feel free to contact me at bdrumm (at) aclens.com if you have any questions.
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