Item Based Tracking on AC Lens CJ

by Bob Drumm on January 5, 2009

In our quest to provide our partners the best possible tools to increase sales, AC Lens will be launching item based tracking for our CJ affiliates. Item based tracking will provide advanced reporting options for affiliates who will now see exactly what SKU’s in our product catalog sell best for you. While a Top 10 product list is great, it’s not the perfect scenario for affiliates who receive varying rankings in search engines, market via PPC, or the many other ways to promote online.

We think item based tracking is the perfect solution allowing you to see exactly what you’re selling and maybe even better, what you’re not selling to help improve ppc spends, provide sound data on how to promote certain categories/products at AC Lens, and many other benefits.

There’s no work on your end. Over the next day or two you’ll receive a new term from in Commission Junction which you can accept or allow to roll over automatically in 7 days. This new term will include both the old and new actions to prevent any tracking issues. A week from now, we’ll send a new term with only the new actions which will complete the process for item based tracking. The new terms have the exact same commissions, return (cookie) days, etc.

We hope this addition increases your ability to sell contact lenses with in the new year. Feel free to contact me if you have questions.

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