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by Bob Drumm on September 26, 2008

Pop Shops is a great way for affiliates to add individual products to their site quickly and easily in a format that fits the look and feel of your site. AC Lens has both the CJ and SAS product feeds listed in PopShops including sunglasses from each.

This tutorial will describe exactly how to add a limited product set from on your site via Pop Shops.

First, you will need to sign up for an account at There are several options to choose from but for our purposes, we’ll use the free version. Once signed up, you’ll need to make sure your CJ PID and SAS account numbers are entered in their system. To do this, go to “account” at the top of the page and scroll down to “Default Affiliate ID’s” where you can then enter that information.

From there, click on “Dashboard” at the top of the page where you will now be on the “create new shops” page. Click “Go” where you will be prompted to enter a shop name – we’re using AC Lens as our name.

PopShops will now bring you to a page with all the merchants on their network. In the left hand list, scroll down to “CJ AC Lens” or “SAS” depending on your network of choice. Clicking on the plus signs will drill down to the product line of choice. Pop Shops Tutorial

Alternatively, you can type in a keyword at the top left side to bring up any product that you may wish to add. For instance, typing in “Acuvue Contact Lenses” would bring up all Acuvue Contact Lenses from

Once you have your product line, choose the number of rows and columns you’d like in your product page. We’re going with a 2×2 list of products from Acuvue. In the center column, click on the “ADD” button to put any of those products into your product page.

With all your products added, you can now customize the look of your product page. Click on “Customize” at the top middle part of the page. Pop Shops has several different templates which you can choose for your look. Find the one that works best for your situation from the drop down. Click on “Styles” to make changes to color, font, add “No Follow”, and several other options.

Once you have the look and feel set, click on “Pop It In” to copy and paste the code into your site. Here’s the product page that we designed:

PopShops™ affiliate stores

We hope the PopShops tutorial helps you create vibrant, high selling pages.

Please contact us if you have any questions or for more detailed PopShops related issues, contact the PopShops team directly through your account.

Good luck selling!


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