Increasing Conversion Rates

by Bob Drumm on September 16, 2008

I wanted to throw out a few simple conversion rate tips. It’s probably easier to give these tips on a case by case basis since all sites are different but hopefully these general tips get you thinking about how you can receive more sales from existing traffic. 

1. Landing Pages – Don’t send every link to the homepage. Visitors looking for Acuvue products are more than likely to order if you send them to the manufacturer or product page. Price and description are a click or two away from adding to cart and starting the order process. Make it as easy as possible for buyers to find what they want, order, and leave.

2. Copywriting – Copywriting doesn’t receive enough attention. Good clean sales copy is easily the best way to get existing traffic on your site to click through and place an order. Great copywriting has multiple benefits for an affiliate site. First, it qualifies the buyer by making sure they’re interested in contact lenses. Secondly, you can help pre-sell the buyer before they even reach our site, which has a big impact in the buying process. You can find numerous copywriting resources on the Internet and in any bookstore. A few good Free online resources include Copy Blogger and Copywriters Board

3. A/B testing – If you have the means, A/B testing will allow you to use a combination of links, copy, or any other combination of metrics to find what turns a viewer on your site into a buyer on ours. Multivariate testing will show your conversion rates for different types of presentations. You can then compare the numbers across several test campaigns to decide what your viewer’s want. Here’s a good A/B article to get you started:
Marketing Experiments A/B Testing

I hope these few simple ideas help get you started on a higher converting campaign with AC Lens. If you’d like us to review your current site or advertising campaign for conversion increase suggestions, feel free to contact us at

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