Affiliate Link Currency Conversion

by Bob Drumm on August 26, 2008

This is the first in our ongoing series of educational pieces designed to increase sales for AC Lens affiliate partners. We encourage you to contact us if you have a specific question on this topic. Suggestions for future pieces are greatly appreciated.

One big advantage in an AC Lens partnership is our international capabilities including easy currency conversion. converts currency from USD to British Pounds, Euro’s, Japanese Yen, and Canadian Dollars. This type of flexibility allows our affiliate partners to promote all over the world in the currency of choice. It works great for sites with international sections and PPC affiliates can easily link right into the currency of the country they’re promoting.

Converting currency with affiliate links is quick and easy. For the homepage, all that needs to be done is the addition of a parameter at the end of .com. Affiliates would add /default.asp?NCurID=X where X is the currency being used so that the URL now looks like this:

Product URL’s are almost the same. Instead of /default.asp, only add &NCurID=X at the end of the URL so that it now looks like this:

Here are the current X value’s for all of our currencies:

  • US Dollars- Default, no change needed. If you need to change back to US Dollars, NCurID=1
  • UK Pounds- NCurID=2
  • Euro’s- NCurID=3
  • Japanese Yen- NCurID=4
  • Canadian Dollar- NCurID=5

    Creating a custom link with Commission Junction and ShareASale.

    Now that we’ve converted the link to your required currency, you can use that link with CJ or SAS links to track sales.

    In CJ, append ?url= to a tracking URL and then add the currency converted AC Lens URL at the end. Your link should now look like this (XXXXXX would be your PID):

    ShareASale affiliates can take any currency converted link and enter it in the custom link creator. Login to your SAS account and click on “Create A Custom Link To A Page”. From there, choose from the merchant drop down box and copy the URL, minus http://, into the website line. The link will convert to something similar to this (where XXXXX is your affiliate ID):

    Please test all URL’s when converting to ensure proper tracking. Datafeeds can be converted in exactly the same fashion but prices will not be in the required currency. Contact us if you need a custom currency product datafeed with both URL and Price conversions.

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