Affiliates Can Now Earn Big On Eyeglasses

by Bob Drumm on September 19, 2012

AC Lens is pleased to announce the launch of prescription eyeglasses. Now affiliates can earn an industry best, up to 25%, on prescription glasses order.

Buy Glasses Online

You will receive a T&C’s email from Commission Junction or ShareASale in the next few days with new terms related to eyeglasses. Nothing much will change and we’ll still have all of our affiliate friendly policies in place.

Check out the AC Lens Eyeglass section for more information on products.


Affiliate Coupon Code Box

by Bob Drumm on September 30, 2011

AC Lens coupon affiliates will be pleased to here we’ve added a coupon code box! In one of the biggest changes to the affiliate program in a while, the coupon code box should help affiliates who are concerned with the old setup where shoppers had to enter the code in our “Special Instructions” section.

The coupon code box is set with a cookie so PPC and other affiliates need not worry about losing orders to those searching for a coupon code. Here’s how to set a coupon code box on AC Lens.

Let’s break down the link:

go.asp – The URL must pass through the go.asp parameter to set the cookie correctly.

MID – This should be one of our affiliate network ID’s which is 138 for Commission Junction and 147 for ShareASale.

KW/CB – Both of these parameters must be set to 1.

GO= – This directs the link anywhere on our site. In the example above, it’s going to default.asp which is the home page. If you want it to go to an internal page, say this one,, you would take everything after the slash (displaylens.asp?LensID=282) and change any question marks to & so that it would look like this: There should only be one question mark in the URL at any time.

This is a big change for the affiliate program and we think coupon affiliates will notice an increased conversion rate. All of the standard links in ShareASale and Commission Junction have been changed so if you use those, you don’t need to do anything. If you created your own custom links, and use coupons, you can follow the instructions above to take advantage of this new feature.

Good luck selling.

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Halloween Contact Lenses Now Here

by Bob Drumm on September 8, 2011

AC Lens has made the biggest change to our product selection in nearly a decade with the addition of halloween contacts. Affiliates can now earn big money selling these highly desirable items to their visitors. A few things to know about these products:

  • Prescription is required. Do not promote these contacts as non-prescription as it is illegal to sell contact lenses without an RX. It is also illegal to advertise contact lenses as non-prescription.
  • Expect a higher reversal rate than normal. Our initial estimates could be as high as 60% reversal rates for those ordering without a prescription.
  • Expect a lower conversion rate and EPC in this department. Special Effects contact lenses are a high browse, no buy item so you will see a much higher visit total with lower total orders.
  • Commission rate and cookie duration is the same on these products.
Now that we have business out of the way. We now carry Halloween Contact Lenses and these lenses are sure to be a hit this season and throughout the year as we also carry several cosmetic and novelty contact lenses for year round use.
Be sure to feature the department on your halloween websites, promote them in your forums and blogs for the holiday season, and definitely email your lists telling everyone how to get a prescription whether they need vision correction or not.
Even if someone has perfect vision, all they need to do is see their eye doctor to get fitted for contacts and they’ll be prescribed “plano” or “0.00″ correction contact lenses. Once they have their RX, they can order all the halloween lenses they desire.
Banners and products feeds are already uploaded in CJ and ShareASale. Expect a big push as we get closer to the holiday season. Feel free to contact me at bdrumm (at) if you have any questions.


Affiliates in the UK, Ireland, and western Europe will be pleased to hear of an increase in base commission rate at The Lens Catalogue affiliate commission rate has increased from 5% base to 10% base. Threshold levels will range from 15% to 25% based on number of orders in a month.

Cookie duration, T&C’s, and other parts of the program will remain the same. Those selling contact lenses in the UK should start promoting now to take advantage of this massive rate increase.


Designer Sunglasses No Longer Available

May 11, 2011

AC Lens Affiliates – As of May 10th, 2011, AC Lens will no longer be carrying designer sunglasses. Please be sure to remove all creatives and affiliate links to this section of the site. T&C’s and network settings will be updated shortly. Don’t worry, you can still promote contacts online. No other changes will be […]

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Mid-October Affiliate Promotions

October 12, 2010

October has been great for AC Lens affiliates and we should see an even better second half. We’re having a site-wide Fall sale with savings up to 25% off our already low prices. Coupons may not be combined with the sale offer but the grocery coupon special can be used the rest of the month. […]

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Try For Me To Coupon – Affiliate Coupons Automation

October 12, 2010

AC Lens participates as a merchant in For Me To Coupon, an automated affiliate coupon feed. For Me To Coupon (FMTC) is a great tool for affiliates to take the hassle out of running and maintaining a coupon site. FMTC’s coupon experts provide manual review and manual data entry, totaling hundreds of hours per month. […]

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Just 10 Days Left To Walk For Autism

October 1, 2010

There’s only 10 short days left until AC Lens participates in the Walk Now for Autism Speaks. Affiliates are more than welcome to join the team or donate. Read more here.

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AC Lens October Affiliate Updates and Specials

September 29, 2010

Solid September for AC Lens affiliates. October is normally slow but with a big Halloween coupon, a brand new grocery promo, and a 2nd half sitewide sale, I expect to see big gains this month. Here’s this month’s deals: Yearly – Coupon Code: ACLS5 Expiration: 12/31/10 Description: Order contact lenses online and save $5 off […]

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AC Lens September Affiliate Updates

August 31, 2010

A great Back to School season for AC Lens affiliates. We fell just short of a record in commissions paid out. There’s about 2 weeks left in the season so take advantage of our post sale coupon codes and rebates to squeeze out the last of the season. Here’s September coupons codes: Yearly – Coupon […]

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